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ping working, http not?!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

problem: ping to a host on the other side of a vpn works, http not.

environment:TMG on both sides, both have multiple external IPs and source side has them distributed over multiple network cards.

solution: Although I disabled web proxying and the network relation between the two vpn sites is routing, TMG still tries to access the target web server using one of it's external IPs. I tested pinging a host on the other side using various source IPs from the source TMG, I figured that only certain IPs work.
I finally configured all IPs onto one nic and it started to work.

Disable host check/ping in nagios

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

problem I want to validate services of a host, though the host is not pingable (e.g. public www server)

solution For the host definition make sure no 'check_command check-host-alive' line is there (including lines inherited from templates). For nagios 3.2 / gentoo I changed my template for the host to 'generic-host' and added 'max_check_attempts 10' and 'contact_groups admins'.