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Recovering ICH9R RAID to IDE switch after BIOS upgrade

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

cause two SATA disks in RAID-1 (mirror) configuration using ICH9R on-board controller. after bios upgrade of my Abit IP35 the bios settings got reset and the OS (Windows Server 2008) booted with SATA onboard controller mode IDE instead of RAID.
implications the mirror got broken, but Windows actually booted AND changed the boot record.
errors I changed the mode back to RAID (*BAD IDEA*). Started the Intel Bios and re-joined the mirror (*BAD IDEA^2*). Now Windows didn't start anymore (Boot loader started, but Winload.exe was missing).
why *BAD IDEA*? The Intel controller chose the wrong disc. So my changes since Bios upgrade and rebuilding the mirror were lost.
solution Windows RE (Recovery Environment) helped out. Starting with the Windows Server 2008 installation disc, I was able to load the drivers, but didn't see any operating system.
Start the command prompt and execute diskpart.

Using "list disk" I saw the RAID volume, but this was marked as "foreign" (maybe because the partition/volume was part of a Windows Mirror as well). You need to use "import". Afterwards the disks are visible.

Go back to the dialog were you started the command prompt and close the window. This returns you to the previous dialg (no back button :( !!!). No the "Repair Mode" sees the partition and those it's job.

I'm running Hyper-V on that server and after recovery all the Hyper-V services were running, but no VM started.

Use "bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto" from here.