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ORF 1/2 HD (DVB-S2) in Windows 7 Media Center *working*

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I finally got a setup working!

Hardware: Core i7 920, ATI 4300, TechniSat Skystar HD2 PCI + TechniSat CI-Slot SkyStar HD2, XBox 360

The Media Center PC is setup using Windows 7, DVBLink. The drivers for the TechniSat cards need to be installed manually, then continue with DVBLink (make sure you follow the setup).
DVBLink found ORF 1/2 HD straight away. Channels are selected in DVBLink and configured into MC7.
The XBox 360 is added as an extender. HD live tv is working nicely, recorded videos have short stutters every 15-30sec (I already tried to disable automatic pulldown in ATI Catalyst... I'm not 100% sure if it helped). XBox is connected via 100mbit cable. Makesure it is in the same IP subnet.
Using divx 7 helped me to get mkv (matroska) files streaming to the XBox, divx avis work OOB.
Music and pictures are stored on another machine. I had to re-add the folders on the XBox again (including username/password) - even though it is already listed and working on MC7.
To watch HD videos on the XBox I was prompted to download the "optional media update". I received the error 80072f76. After the 6th try I was finally able to get it...
About the noise: I have to admit that the fan is pretty noisy... when watching tv one won't probably notice it. I even think it's louder than a projecter - but this is really subjective.
The XBox nicely starts the media center pc if it sleeps. Media Center on XBox can be configured to startup automatically.
The startup time of the XBox somehow lowers the WAF - don't think about using the controller as a replacement for the remote. The controller has all functions but not very intuitive.
Channel switching time is not super fast, but acceptable.

I hope somebody will find this helpful, since it took me some months to get a working setup.

Update using the controller for Media Center is actually a bad idea as the controller goes to sleep after while and takes quite long to wake up. I now use a Harmony 515 to control it - I added a "Windows Media Center PC" although it's not in the room (just to get the proper commands). I still had to customize the activity to turn on the XBox 360.

HD Channels in Austria/Germany via Sat (ORF, ARD, ZDF)

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


Satellit:ASTRA 1 

Position: 19,2° Ost

Downlink Frequenz: 
Symbolrate: 22000

Fehlerschutz (FEC): 2/3

Polarisation: horizontal

Modulation: 8PSK

Übertragung:  DVB-S2

APID: 1921
SID: 4911
VPID: 1920
PCRPID: 1920
APID: 2921
SID: 4912


ARD HD / Das Erste HD und ZDF HD
ASTRA 1 (19.2 Grad Ost)
Transponder 11
Frequenz: 11362 Horizontal
Symbolrate: 22000
FEC: 2/3
Video-PID / VPID / PPID: 6010 (ARD HD) / 6110 (ZDF HD)
Audio-PID / APID: 6022 (ARD HD) / 6122 (ZDF HD)
Bildauflösung: 1280 x 720 Pixel (720p)

ORF 1/2 HD in Windows 7 Media Center

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

problem: I want to watch ORF 1 and 2 in HD in Windows 7 Media Center

First try using AVerTV: I bought 2 AVerTV Satellite Trinity cards that state: HDTV support and a connector for Common Interface (CI).

What did work? Media Center successfully found both cards and SAT tuning found some channels. Channel switching was reasonably fast.
Issues: First of-all HDTV support is true, BUT only for channels that broadcast HDTV via DVB-S (which happens to be the case in Australia and New Zealand). ORF1/2 HD is transmitted via DVB-S2.
About the common interface: this is a seperate disaster. I order cards in New Zealand at ascent and tried to arrange shipment via TNT, since ascent didn't want to ship to Austria. I had a lot of troubles with TNT actually accepting the transport order and when I finally managed to ship it, Ascent didn't want to sell anymore to me. Right now the package seems to be at TNT New Zealand, but they are unable to find it and return it to Ascent.

Second try using TechnoTrend Now I got in contact with the manufacturer first to make sure the cards actually work with Windows 7 Media Center AND they replied: "fully supported". So I order 2 TechnoTrend TT-budget S2-3200 at dvbshop. Shipment was faster than expected.

What works? The card is successfully recognized by Windows 7 Media Center. Channel scan found alot of channels including HDTV DVB-S2. ARTE HD, ZDF HD, Astra HD... but not ORF HD - even using manual transponder scan didn't help. Viewing of DVB-S2 channels almost works... Astra HD looks fine.

problems: ZDF and ARTE have graphic artifacts (fast moving objects are not drawn correctly). TechnoTrends support claims that this is my graphic card - it's not onboard, but an ATI card.
Common Interface support works for the first time I view channel, as soon as I switch the channel and come back it states: "channel scrambled".

Next steps Install Vista + TV Pack