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Pioneer DVR 630-H and Homecast 5101 CI HDTV

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

environment: Pioneer DVR 630-H, Homecast 5101 CI HDTV (receiving Astra 19.2E) and a Sanyo Z3 projector.

problem: Configuration of Pioneer DVR and Homecast


  • Homecast connected to Sanyo via HDMI
  • Pioneer connected to Sanyo via Component
  • Pioneer and Homecast connected seperately to a small stereo system
  • Homecast (VCR connector) connected to Pioneer (Decoder/Input1) via SCART

Homecast already has the channel list.
The very sick thing about the Pioneer DVR is, that it actually holds 2 (yes t-w-o) channel list.

  1. A channel list for its Antenna-RF tuner
  2. A channel list for the Guide+

You can actually ignore the Antenna-RF tuner list (found in Basic Setup/Tuner) - if you got a satellite dish you probably won't have another antenna.
The important thing is the channel list found in the Guide+ Menu on the very right.
I configured Decoder 1, Selected Homecast from the UNSORTED list somewhere at the end. You need to select "Antenna RF" as the connection, not L1, L2, DV... I still don't know what L1 is.
The Pioneer DVR nicely tries to set the channel on the Homecast - it actually works - just the Homecast crashed the first time...
Then go to the "Editor" tab. You can select the decoder as source and enter the channel numbers.