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Axiom and MediaWiki

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

environment MediaWiki, Axiom

problem Integration like R Extension missing

solution Download this and put it into your extensions/ directory.

Edit LocalSettings.php and append require_once('extensions/Axiomext.php'); at the end.

links Apperently they support a different Wiki

offical extension site

credits Thanks to Bill Page and Martin Rubey.

ISA 2006 vs. MediaWiki and Umlauts

Monday, March 26th, 2007


Just incase, ISA 2006 filters umlauts in URLs by default. As I use umlauts in my page titles in MediaWiki, I just got HTTP 500 internal server error message. The important hint that led to my solution was the mentioning of HTTPFilter in the error message.

Environment ISA 2006, Web Site Publishing, MediaWiki

Symptom Wiki pages with umlauts don't work.

Reason ISA 2006 filters umlauts in URLs.

Solution Properties of "Web Publish Rule", Traffic, Filtering, (uncheck Verify normalization, Block high bit characters)

StatWiki – R Extension frickel

Monday, March 26th, 2007

R extensions for MediaWiki are pretty cool

If you run into an error starting with /invalidfont in findfont.

Reason ghostscript-gnu installed

Solution ghostscript-gnu uninstalled, ghoscript-gpl installed

If you want to use output="display" make sure you but a pdf(rpdf) into your R block (this tells R to write the pdf to the appropriate place)