External Closure for my 1.8” SATA Disk

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problem/environment: I bought a Latitude XT2 with the standard 80gb 5400 RPM disk (SATA) and got the Intel X18-M (80gb SSD) as a replacement. Since the controller supports IRRT (Intel Rapid Recovery Technology) I want to connect the original disk using eSATA and backup my main disk. All this has to work on Windows 7.

solution: At least in Austria I couldn't get/find a hard drive closure for 1.8'' SATA disks providing an eSATA port. Thus I reverted to buy a 2.5'' closure (closure from delock). This one has the advantage to provide a Power Over eSATA connector. The Latitude XT2 has this connector on the right side. The downside is that it has a different internal SATA connector and I had to buy an adapter (make sure you get the Buchse. I originally bought this one... and it's the wrong way around).
To actually fit the adapter inside the closure I removed the soft plastic.
At first the disk was not detected using the Power Over eSATA cable, but using a standard eSATA cable and providing power using USB worked. Then I installed Intel Matrix Storage Manager for Windows 7. In difference to the Intel BIOS, the Storage Manager supports RAID creation without destroying existing data (at least the BIOS didn't state it different, so I didn't dare to create it there). It took a couple of hours to build the RAID, but sync on demand seems to be very fast.
After the reboot the Power Over eSATA cable worked too (I don't understand why).

As it seems you can also buy a Media Slice. First of all my dell contact stated that it doesn't have a hard drive slot (check the web site which states it does). Second the cost is 346,80 (euros) compared to 20,- for the closure plus 10,- for the adapter (30,- in total).

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