Computerintensive Methoden - Coalescent Theory - Chapter 1 - Task 1

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Consider a population of N alleles that reproduce as follows. 
In each generation N/2 alleles are chosen at random (with replacement, 
so one particular allele may be chosen more than once) and each of these alleles have 2 offspring. 
Calculate the effective population of such a population. 


  1. Verteilung von N_{A,j+1}\, bestimmen
  2.  \operatorname{Var}(N_{A,j+1}) \, bestimmen
  3.  p_{A,j+1} = \frac{N_{A,j+1}}{N} \,
  4. In  \operatorname{Var}(p_{A,j+1}) =  \, Varianz des Wright-Fisher Modells  = \frac{p_{A,i} (1-p_{A,i})}{2 N_e}  \, einsetzen und nach  N_e \, umformen
  5. The real population is N alleles (i.e. N/2 animals). The effectivepopulation size is half that.